Broke Before It Begins

How much? She must have been saving forever for this! They pay big don’t they? Do they cover your airfare and provide you housing? I bet you have your Euros already in your purse! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this will be an on-going calculation as the process turtles by…because all of the above are false. In actuality, this is how I prepared for Spain


Here is the reality of the expenses spent thus far to teach some Spanish kiddies your native language:

Necessary Expense Cost
Two lousy photocopies to Spain (USPS) $45
Doctor appt. to obtain health clearance $50
FBI Background Check $12
USPS Tracking of Background Check Application $5
Apostille of Hauges stamp on FBI Check $35
Apostille of Hauges stamp on Medical Statement $35
Day trip to State Capitol to obtain Apostille of Hauges (2) $75
Visa Application Fee $160
Prepaid envelope for Visa return $20
Day trip to Spanish Consulate (Chicago, IL) for Visa $100
Money Orders $3
New suitcase, miscellaneous items. $250
Costs Accumulated As I Board the Plane $770

foto (3)

I won’t even go into the plane ticket purchase. That was a doozy.

But I’m here, finally, alive and safe.


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