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All settled in... sort of

Casa para una princesa

New sleeping arrangements. For those who don’t know me, I can be high-maintenance when it comes to where I live. There are a few things I usually require to be within “reach” for my lifestyle and my chosen neighborhood.

  • natural food & health store
  • multiple cafés
  • Starbucks (don’t judge)
  • boutique clothing
  • water
  • a fresh foods market/weekly farmers market

Well ladies and gents. I have ALL of that within steps of my apartment, sans the Starbucks. However, I think this Americana can survive since we have a lovely fresh juice and smoothie bar inside this amazing outdoor market that is open everyday, all day. Booming all year-round of course, given the fortunate weather we have here in Cádiz. And a side-note, the water requirement is typically filled by a lake (Great Lakes born & raised), but this time the Atlantic Ocean will have to suffice…

Here’s a look inside:


Bathroom #1 with shower, entrance to my bedroom, bathroom #2 with jacuzzi


Kitchen, lobby view from downstairs, bedroom view, living room

I am very fortunate to have found this, smack dab in the most desirable part of my lovely new city. I am living amongst a beautiful Spanish woman, and a German student my age. I walk outside the apartment (piso) to see high-end shops and everything a typical Spaniard would need at their fingertips!

¡Bienvenida a la vida bella! Welcome to the good life!


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