Auxilar Documents

All you have to do is Google search “auxiliares de conversacion en Espana” and you will find plenty of forums complaining and trying to explain this twisted process that is the only legal ticket to live in Spain, besides finding a lover. Trust me, I’ve investigated, and at one point debated on the latter option… joke.

Regardless, I will not repost and repeat what is spread all across the web through similar dreamers such as myself. The only way to fully figure it out, is to go through it yourself. All the struggles, all the paperwork, all the postage fees and all the trips to these ugly grey buildings across your state. So here is a bit of aid and examples for future Auxiliares if they come across this. I doubt much will change, so I will not look back at these horrid documents and memories after posting this. What’s done is done!

Note: These documents and examples are based on the midwest regions requirements, specifically Wisconsin, USA.

Helpful Resources:

  • Young Adventuress Blog- Liz Carlson (#1 go to gal for this)

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