Physical Education en Inglés!

I was given my schedule a few weeks prior to arriving in Spain. But I couldn’t quite decipher the class descriptions as they were written in shorthand  Spanish. Turns out, I am not only in English classes. I am a language assistant in Phy Ed, Biology, Natural Science, Physics and Mathematic courses as well. I only teach in English classes, twice a week, tops. I’m not much help to the science department, but they mainly use me for my pronunciation and I was expecting that to be part of the job in some circumstances. So I am more of a “backdrop” in these classes, but certainly make up for that with the requested active participation in the Physical Education classes with Profesora Eva! She is a beast, and I mean that in the most doting way. I only work Monday through Wednesday, so of course there is nothing to complain about. I enjoy the teachers with whom I work and the students are so great. They all gasp and celebrate when I walk into the room; a sign they’re fully aware my presence means the lesson plan will be a bit more creative. But I’ll take it!

IMG_6337We are two months into the semester, but we’ve already learned traditional American camp songs, traditional gym games in English, relay races of sorts as well as the joints, muscles and warm-up vocabulary. Today they were allowed to relax a bit and presented their projects describing a basic food packaging they brought in, explaining a recipe that involves their food product. Guess who got to hold the grade book and a red pen!? Profesora Amanda, that’s who (pronounced horribly of course).



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