[Semiserious] Reflection Time

Before we get too deep, this is a great preview of my post; how today’s society has decided to put more pressure on us as young adults and coffee grounds.


These last few months on Spanish terrain, I’ve had a few “biological-clock/white-picket fence” feelings, as in, I’m even more sure I don’t want to bear a child nor own a house. I describe these thoughts as such because they contain similar root to those that women my age experience and what I’m thinking; serious, planning skills that involve me finally being ready to decide, on, well, something. But then today, as I came across an old email I received from a friend, I quickly remembered who I was and realized I am not done. He wrote me a short but diverting message about a few of the things he’s experienced recently, described as “chalkin it all up to luck and circumstance.” Here’s a passage for us to reflect upon:

  • Made new friends.
  • Jumped off cliffs into the sea.
  • Got into a car accident with a semi.
  • Burned a bridge with an “old flame.” Turns out she was a bit of a pyromaniac.
  • Became the shadiest character on Couchsurfing.org, by far. Still scored a place to crash though ; ) 
  • Fulfilled the longest standing goal of my life thus far. (he got serious here!)
  • Trespassed on private property (my partner in crime described it to me simply as “just exploring a bit”)
  • Perhaps became quite inebriated for the first time in my life.
  • Incited a dance competitions between the British and “Yanks.” Won said dance competition, restoring glory to the Stars and Stripes (but perhaps not pride as I am quite sure it wasn’t pretty).
  • Raced in a car with a top speed of 200-something mph.
  • Refined my pickpocketing skills.
  • Retired my pickpocketing skills.
  • Hiked with approximately 30 senior citizens.
  • Wrangled a loose sheep.
  • Attended the most extraordinary wedding of my lifetime, probably.

In summary, this morning I woke up a bit more refreshed and auspicious. John Legend tells us to wake up in this dashing video that’s floating around at the moment. Sorry brother Pharrell, with your mere 195 million views this spring, excuse my anti-fad attitude.


Ps. In regards to my travel life, I have just returned from Africa, The Canary Islands and a couple other miscellaneous spots… more to come.


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