About Me


If you’re reading this, you may know me and would simply like to keep tabs . Or, maybe you  have some interest in venturing abroad and seek stories and resource. Or, you’re my mother.

First, I’m off to a foreign land, one with a culture-rich and vibrant way of life; Espana. I had previously studied abroad in Galicia, Spain (Vigo) in 2011 and fell in love with, well, everything. Now, my goal is to share my experiences, offer any advice to prospective Spanish traveling and spread a bit of culture. After my endeavours there, my plans are as follows: no plans.


As a recent college graduate (please, hold your applause), I’m in that awkward stage somewhere between denial and desperation. Denial of actually having to put on (or in my case, purchase for the first time) unflattering pants and in turn sell my soul to the American way. Desperate to even make anything halfway decent with my $30,000 piece of paper we call a College Degree. Talk about pressure! All this money and hard work so I can have weekends off and avoid the combination of words involving “Paper or Plastic?”

This is my first blog, so be open and involved. My hopes for this blog is not only to entertain the few readers but also offer a helping hand. I know I could’ve used it. I solemnly swear to provide a consistent and saucy recipe for this stew I call a blog; a pinch of humor, a cup of intriguing information and a generous amount of photos. Limit your cravings people, because I’m not moving to Spain to live on my computer!

My name is Amanda and I’m leaving my home in Wisconsin, to pick up my life and throw it a few different places. Searching high and low, here nor there.



One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi, Kiddo
    I’m waiting anxiously to hear from you. Guess there was a slight miscalculation on your arrival time! You only get one chance at making a first impression! Hope all is forgiven.
    Love ya

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