Auxiliares 101

This program goes by the name of “Auxiliares de Conversación en España” (English Assistantship in Spain). Many times we are placed in bilingual schools or schools that are participating in a bilingual program of sorts. This means that the students learn the core subjects as usual, but mainly in English. The professors have lived or studied English as part of their degree (almost all of them are native Spanish) and do their best to make sure the kids understand the material, but also the new English vocabulary. Essentially, the kids are learning two things at once, and many people have strong opinions about these programs and the advantages and disadvantages. Again, pop this search in the Google bar and you will be in shock if you weren’t already aware of this colossal debate. I am a language assistant in a high school, where one-half of the younger students are placed in the bilingual program by random.

The Benefits of Bilingual Education



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